If you are involved in internet marketing…

…you probably have the problem of constantly having to come up with content!


Building backlinks has been one of the backbones of good SEO practices. But for a lot of your backlink building efforts you need content. You need it for…

  • Building Web 2.0 properties
  • Creating “feeder” blogs
  • Posting to article directories
  • Posting to document sharing sites
  • Etc, etc..


Finding (or creating) content for all of these can be a nightmare!!!


You’ve seen the offers on Fiverr…

  • I will give you…Ultra Spinnable Articles… for each… for $5
  • I will rewrite your articles… for $5
  • I will give you…High Quality PLR Articles on…for $5
  • I will spin up to 4 articles with 30 to 70 percent uniqueness…for $5
  • I will manually research and write articles 1 to 500 original words…for $5
  • I will write…225 word article…on a keyword of your choice…for $5


You’ve seen some of the sales threads…

  • ….67 Cents per 100 words…
  • … 99 Cent Article Writing …
  • As Low As $2 Per Article…
  • Article Writing at $1 Per 100 Words…
  • …Outsourcers – $2 an Article…

 Some of them can even get outrageous!…

  • …500+ words… $20.99
  • …400 word article…costs just $6.40
  • …etc, etc.


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With MegaSpunArticles, you get one article that can produce literally hundreds (thousands and thousands actually) of different articles. Each of these articles are over 80% unique so there is not going to be a problem with “duplicate content”.

We have been involved in internet marketing for several years and know from experience how hard it is to constantly come up with content for all the areas that you need it. It can quickly become more than you can manage by yourself. Outsourcing is an option, but even at cheap rates, the costs can add up quickly. Using available tools can make you (and your outsourcers) more productive. But even that may not be enough!

That’s were we come in! MegaSpunArticles will save you time and money!

Need an article?….Go download one!…No need to write one yourself…or wait for someone else to do it.

Or just reuse one of the articles you have already downloaded. Each article is capable of so many variations, that every one you produce will be unique.

To create a “mega”-spun article, first we create 4-6 individual articles. Then we spin those together. Then we spin the words & phrases in the entire article. What you get is one article that can produce thousands of unique articles.

See our FAQ section for a more complete explanation on how our articles are created.

  • No more writing articles yourself!
  • You don’t even have to “spin” articles any more.
  • No more paying $2-$10 to have an article written.
  • REUSABLE content.
  • New articles constantly added.
  • Submit them to Article Directories.
  • Use them for content on your Web 2.0 properties – Squidoo, HubPages, etc.
  • Write articles for “document sharing” sites
  • Post them on your “feeder” blogs on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.
  • They are great for anywhere you need content!

Even at the lowest plan we have, each article will cost you less than $3.00. Even if you only used each article 100 times, then you are only spending $.05 per article. You could use each article hundreds or thousands of times. It’s almost like getting each article for close to nothing!

Just to make even more sure that there will be no “problem” with duplicate (or similar) articles being produced, we will limit each of our articles to being downloaded 50 times (or less). But, don’t worry, we will constantly be adding more articles to replace any that are not available any more. We GUARANTEE that there will always be more than enough articles for you to choose from in the niches that we supply.

We also know that “one size DOES NOT fit all” when it comes to articles. That is why, in each niche, we will have articles of different lengths. Need something short (about 300 words)…pick it out! Want something long (for a good-sized page)…get a 900 word article! Actually…we will maintain an inventory of articles in each niche in four different lengths (approximate final word count) – 300, 500, 700, and 900 words. Each article will probably end up being slightly over these numbers.

And…we don’t charge you more for the long articles! That’s right…try getting a 900 word (final article) mega-spun article from anywhere for what we charge…YOU WON’T FIND IT! (FYI – Our 900 word articles actually average over 6,000 words in spun format. Can you get someone to write 6,000 words for $5!…HAVE FUN TRYING!


Check out our membership levels —> “Pre-Release” Memberships


One big concern with spun articles is… “How good are they? Are they readable? Are they grammatically correct?”

…Our answers…They are VERY good! They are VERY readable. They are almost as grammatically correct as hand-written articles. So much so, that we ran a little comparison.

We produced an article from a random mega-spun article on our site and ran it through the top on-line grammar checker site – http://ed.grammarly.com/editor/view. The article scored “81″ (see picture). We tested several other articles and the all scored between 60 and 83.

Wondering how this compares to something that was “hand written”, we then headed over to EzineArticles.com. We chose two random (recent) articles from the top two authors on EzineArticles (four articles total) and ran them through the same grammar checker. These articles scored 79, 71, 71, and 64 respectively. So, we are confident saying that our articles are also very good grammatically.


So, you say “sounds good so far, but I bet they don’t have articles in the niches I need”NOT SO!! We have LOTS OF NICHES! Here is a sample of the niches for which we currently have articles available. Our actual number of niches is much higher. (Check out the FAQ pages for a more up-to-date list.) In fact, if you need a niche you don’t see, let us know.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Home Business
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Repair
  • Forex
  • Dog Training
  • Acne
  • Anxiety
  • Fitness
  • Hair Care
  • Hair Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Weight Loss
  • And many others…



We also offer regular, single-spun articles in many, many more niches. While each of these articles will not produce as many unique variations as our “mega”-spun articles, they are quality articles as well and can be used anywhere you choose. And…we bundle them together in packs of three articles for a given niche.

There is a catch though…these are “bonus” articles that are only available for our GOLD & PLATINUM members. But since your are already getting extra “mega”-spun articles at these levels, you are really getting all these extra articles for free! We are just trying to go overboard and make sure that you are getting WAY more value than you are paying for!


Limited Time Offer!


Check out our membership levels —> “Pre-Release” Memberships




We’re promise you will not be disappointed with the service we have to offer.